As we eagerly await the sun making its grand appearance and giving us the long, hot summer we are all waiting for, we thought our patients and the people of Epsom needed something to brighten their lives in the meantime – half price teeth whitening here at Alan Wilson Dentistry!

For the month of June you can get yourself a take home whitening kit for just £197!

Here is a little Q&A to answer to any of those common questions we find people have:
Does tooth whitening damage my teeth or gums?
As long as you are having tooth whitening done by a dentist and use the whitening as instructed by them, there will be no damage to your teeth, enamel or gums!

I have sensitive teeth – can I still whiten my teeth?
Yes, it may just take a little more preparation and planning! If you suffer with sensitive teeth we always recommend using sensitive toothpaste to brush your teeth whilst whitening, and another little trick is to use sensitive tooth paste in your custom made whitening trays INSTEAD of whitening for a few days before you start with the whitening gel – patients have always said this is a great tip! Be sure to tell us if you suffer with sensitive teeth so we can advise the best way for you to whiten your teeth.

I don’t think I can wear whitening trays while I sleep – is there an alternative?
If you feel like you will struggle to wear your whitening trays whilst you sleep then yes, we can offer you a different type of whitening gel and you’ll still get great results!

Is there certain foods I won’t be able to eat once I’ve whitened my teeth?
While you are in the ‘active whitening’ stage, we recommend you avoid certain foods and drinks to make sure you get the best results you can – we always say that any food or drink that would stain a white top is a no go whilst active whitening! But, once you have finished your whitening treatment and are pleased with your results you can eat as many chicken tikka masalas as you wish washed down with as many red wines as you like… within reason of course! If you are more partial to these colourful foods and drink, you may just find that you need to top up your whitening a little more often than someone who isn’t.

How long do the results last for?
Your teeth whitening results should last a long time and you can easily top up your level of brightness by keeping your trays in a safe place and using them for one or two nights every six months.

I want to whiten my teeth, what do I do now?
If you aren’t registered with a dentist you can call us on 01372 417872 and take advantage of our other half price offer – £37.50 for a new patient check up! It’s important that if you haven’t seen a dentist for a while that Dr Alan Wilson can have a good look around your mouth and teeth and check that everything is nice and healthy ready for you to start your whitening journey. If you have your own dentist and have seen them recently, then you can make a short appointment with Dr Alan Wilson to have impressions taken for your custom made whitening trays.

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