What is Composite Bonding ?

Are you fed up with the worn or chipped appearance of your front teeth? Worried that it may cost a lot to repair these chipped teeth with crowns or veneers? Composite Bonding may be the answer! Composite bonding removes the need for extensive drilling and alternatively we add a tooth coloured composite to your teeth.   This “ white filling “ material is added onto your teeth to restore them to their original shape.

How is composite bonding done?

The procedure itself is relatively straightforward. Initially we roughen the surface of the tooth slightly with a little sandblasting and then the application of a gel. Then we carefully layer the composite material onto the surface of the tooth and harden it with a special light. Often we use special brushes to add shape and character to the surface of the tooth. The whole process typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Can you lengthen teeth with bonding?

Very often patients complain that their teeth have become shorter over the years and when they smile you can’t really see their teeth anymore. We can add to the tips of all the teeth to restore them back to their original length. If you have several teeth to be done, firstly we create these on a model in a lab and then recreate this set up in your mouth,  using the original as a template!

Will it not just flake off?

It’s surprisingly robust and even when added onto the tips of the front teeth can last for many years. There are lots of things that influence how long it will last such as biting fingernails and teeth grinding. Typically our composite bonding lasts between 5 – 10 years before it may need some maintenance.

What are the major advantages of Composite Bonding?

The most important advantage is that we do not harm the underlying tooth as we don’t need to drill any of it away. Its much cheaper than conventional crowns and veneers. Composite bonding is easily repaired if worn or chipped. Its painless and most times no injections are needed at all.

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