Teeth in a Day

All on 4 implants

What are ‘Teeth in a day’?

If you have many failing teeth, sometimes the best solution is to remove them all and have the teeth replaced with Dental Implants. With careful planning, we would extract all the remaining failing teeth, place between 4 – 6 implants and firmly attach a full row of teeth onto these implants. This process is generally all done in one day.

Can I get all my teeth replaced with implants ?

Yes you can but you don’t need to have an implant placed for every missing tooth. Normally we place between 4 and 6 implants in strategic positions and then attach a full row of teeth to the implants.

Can all this be done in one day?

CBC scan – the panning stage

We normally do it in three stages but the most crucial work is all completed in one day.
1- Careful planning with intra oral scans, photos and CT scans
2- Day of surgery – Extractions, implants placed and teeth secured on top.
3- Delivery of final set of teeth 4 – 6 months later.

How much does ‘All on 4’ cost?
It can vary individually but our guide price for one arch is £18,000. This cost can be spread over the duration of the treatment or there are finance options available.

How long will my implants last?
Once the implants are integrated, the success rates are high.  Occasionally there can be some chipping and wear of the teeth but this can be easily repaired. We can unscrew the the teeth from the implants and repair them and then place them back in place.  Sometimes implants can be lost to gum disease so your oral hygiene is very important. We recommend seeing the hygienist regularly to maintain the health of your implants.
If you’d like to find out more please call us at 01372 417872 where we are more than happy to discuss all your treatment options.

For more information click: https://www.alanwilsondentistry.co.uk/treatments/implant-dentistry/


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