What is a white filling?

A composite filling is a tooth-coloured resin and glass mixture used to restore decayed or broken teeth. White fillings are used as an alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings, which are aesthetically poor and contain mercury.

Are you fed up looking at your old silver fillings?

Modern white fillings are an excellent alternative to the older mercury fillings. They come in a variety of shades and have a natural translucency, similar to tooth colour so they blend in seamlessly. They prove to be hard wearing and long lasting.

White fillings -Are they better?

White or tooth-coloured fillings aren’t just for filling cavities or replacing old silver amalgam fillings. They do so much more.  White filling is often carefully shaped to restore worn down or uneven teeth, fill minor gaps at the front of the mouth or mask dark teeth. We’ve completed some cases where we have completely rebuilt all of the front teeth with composite rather than using more expensive and invasive treatments like crowns and veneers


White fillings -Are there any downsides?

We don’t really see any downsides of white fillings. They’re a great alternative to silver fillings: strong, hard wearing, natural looking and they’re bonded to the tooth for added strength. We are so confident in the materials that we don’t offer any silver fillings in our practice. They can be a little trickier to place than the old silver fillings as the tooth surface needs to be kept perfectly dry which means that the procedure can sometimes take a little bit more time.

How much do white fillings cost?

Prices vary according to the size of the filling and complexity of the case. We tend to bracket the costs into three main categories depending on the criteria outlined above.
Type 1 – £127
Type 2 – £195
Type 3 – £257

Cosmetic bonding on front teeth is more of a bespoke price but generally works out about 30% of the fee that a veneer or crown would be.

Composite bonding

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