Dental health is often overlooked, but going for a long period of time without visiting a dentist can cause serious complications. Dental emergencies are a big problem once they appear, causing pain, inflammation, infections, and bad breath.

Our mouth does a lot of things for us that we take for granted; but with dental issues, a simple thing such as eating can become impossible. For these reasons, it’s important to know a dentist who can respond to emergencies fast.

Common Signs of A Dental Emergency

The best way to determine you’re having a dental emergency is to understand the symptoms that usually precede them. Learn to identify the most common symptoms that indicate you’re having a dental emergency, so you can contact your dentist sooner.


All dental emergencies provoke some degree of pain, which most of the time is unbearable and a clear indicator that something is going on. Pain could be the result of cracked teeth, cavities, or exposed roots. In any of these scenarios, the best thing to do is to go to a dentist as soon as possible and not let the problem become worse.


The most common indicator of infection is swelling. It could be caused by gingivitis, food stuck between your teeth or infection. Any of these causes is a trigger for a major problem, so don’t wait to see a professional. If you see swelling, you should contact your dentist right away because this could be a serious problem, and is not one that will heal itself.

Gum Abscess

This is an easy emergency to ignore because it looks like a blister. Their color may vary from clear to yellow or even red. Under no circumstance should you pop it or do anything to it. This is an indicator of an infection that opens a root canal, so you must contact your dentist immediately.

Having A Dental Emergency? 

If you’re having one of the symptoms mentioned above, or you’re worried about any other symptom, you can count on Alan Wilson Dentistry to help you right away. We’re experts in dental emergencies, so we know exactly how to assist you. Don’t waste more time and give us a call now.

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