It’s important to us that our youngest patients feel comfortable visiting the dentist, so at Alan Wilson Dentistry we do everything we can to create a friendly welcoming environment from the moment they arrive.

We have a family-friendly entertainment area, complete with toys and games to help children feel safe, relaxed and cared for.

Our approach to children’s dentistry is very much based on preventative care. With the right start in life many dental problems can be avoided, so during their dental check we give children helpful brushing tips as well as advice on snacks and sugary drinks.

With regular visits we can detect the early signs of decay or overcrowding, this means we can plan treatment at the earliest possible opportunity. If treatment is needed we always take a gentle and calm approach to help your child understand what will happen before we start any work.

We aim to get your children off to the best possible start and establish healthy dental habits that – along with their teeth – last a lifetime.

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