If you are looking for a long-lasting solution for missing teeth then dental implants may be the answer. Implant treatment has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and advances in technology mean that more people are suitable for dental implants than ever before.

We offer the best in advanced implant treatment using Straumann implants – a system with its roots in Swiss precision engineering. Alan Wilson is our leading implant clinician. With over 10 years’ experience in the implant field, Alan has performed all types of treatment from a single missing tooth to full reconstructions. And to prove that age is no barrier to a great smile, Alan has successfully placed implants in patients from 19 through to 89. The long-term success rate for dental implants is exceptionally high. Alan has a five year success rate of 98% and, while dental implants can be a significant investment, our patients tell us it is an investment that is well worth making.

Why choose implants?

  • Improved appearance. Your jawbone and teeth are part of the structure of your face. Implants can help to define the jawline which, along with your bright, white, beautiful new teeth, can make you look younger.
  • Food is more enjoyable. When your teeth are secure you can eat a full range of food with confidence. Chewy, sticky, crunchy foods no longer pose a challenge. But that’s not all. Moving to implants can also enhance the flavour of food because – unlike dentures – all of the taste buds are left uncovered.
  • Increased confidence. With dental implants there’s no need to be self-conscious about your appearance. Because implants look and feel just like natural healthy teeth, they can help you feel confident about your appearance once again.

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